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As an artist trained in a “French Academy” approach to drawing and painting – and someone solely schooled in using oil paints – I signed up for Heather’s Intuitive Painting class with some trepidation. All the judgmental voices in my head scoffed at the intuitive concept and using acrylic paints. But the stronger voice told me I needed this. Heather’s first exercise for us instantly took me out of my head and put me back into my body and spirit. From that point forward we all laughed and danced and immersed ourselves in letting go. The class was transformative for me. It helped me to identify how I had narrowed my world and how much I needed to reconnect with my creativity to fully flourish. Heather is a gifted artist and teacher. She creates a safe space to explore and to allow our individual spirits to come forth. I can’t wait to take another workshop and keep exploring.

~ Sallie

Heather Gerni’s Intuitve Painting classes are like pure magic! She’s able to give individuals the attention they need during a group class while still insuring that EVERYONE learns the necessary concrete aspects of making art AND participates in the very liberating exercises which open up the flow of each person’s UNIQUE creativity. With her thoughtful encouragement and wise guidance, I was able to release the painting inhibitions I hadn’t even known I had and find a more organic, natural, and “real” approach to the canvas. I can say with confidence that any art making class with Heather Gerni at the helm is sure to be a freeing, fun, and all around AMAZING experience!

~ Caren

I had anticipated the February Intuitive Expression weekend workshop with both excitement and apprehension. I hoped it would allow me to explore a creative medium new to me. But it was important that it be without rigid guidelines or mastered techniques that left me feeling like I had no creative ability or couldn’t “get it right”.  Heather blew those worries out of the water from the get-go! Innovative and encouraging in her teaching style and supportive in her communication, Though Heather’s own talent shined throughout the workshop, it never felt intimidating to this student. I learned, explored, shared, created and enjoyed every moment! If you want a freeing environment to learn within and a creative, memorable experience, take a class with Heather Gerni!

~ Sharlene

Heather has inspired me to allow the artist within myself to emerge. She presents the students with the guidelines to be successful at the easel and has a gentle presence about her. Her suggestions and her guidance allowed me to see SO much more on the canvas than I would naturally have seen.
~ Holly

I thoroughly enjoyed Heather’s class on intuitive painting. I’d recommend this class to anyone interested in an exploratory approach to making art and looking to figure out their personal style. Heather is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher with a keen sense for appropriate approaches to use in putting your vision onto the canvas. I hope to take another class with her soon!

~ Sreedevi

I’m only a hobbyist painter, so without a natural talent for painting anything in particular I often become creatively blocked, and struggle with finding ideas of things to paint. This class was a miracle cure for me, as Heather brilliantly demonstrates that you can follow your instincts and not worry so much about what a painting will be right from the start. I highly recommend her Intuitive Painting class for anyone with painter’s block!
~ Tricia

I took Heather’s Intuitive Painting course. It had been a couple of decades since I had painted. I wasn’t sure I had talent anymore, and I was stuck because frankly, I didn’t know what to paint to get started again. Her 2-day weekend course was the best thing I could have done for myself. You don’t have to have a preconceived plan, just go with the flow and follow her lead through the process. This was a very freeing way to get back into painting and a wonderful affirmation for me with my final product. I highly recommend this class.
~ Sue

Until this class, I was doing realist type of sketching, drawing and painting but this class’s emphasis on trusting one’s intuition and painting without judgement made me realize the limitless possibilities of painting beyond realism.
~ Stanzin

Heather was an incredible teacher. This was the first acrylic painting class I have ever taken, and after only a few weeks I felt like I could create pieces I loved. The intuitive painting method took a lot of fear and perfectionism out of the creative process because I couldn’t make a ‘mistake.’ Heather showed the class how to use layers and painting techniques to create complex and unique works of art. She gave me the tools I needed to paint in my own way.
~ Hannah

I truly enjoyed taking your class on intuitive painting! I hadn’t painted in so long and after the class I couldn’t wait to clean up my art room and start painting again! Truly inspiring!!!!

~ Mary Anne

Heather is a great teacher, who is relaxed but helps you focus on expanding your awareness. Her intuitive painting class pushes you just enough to get you out of your comfort zone, to open up new ways of seeing, and increase skills.  It is lot of fun and non-judgmental.

~ Ginger

I took the intuitive painting workshop under Heather.  It was lots of fun,  She helped me to loosen up and not be so “precious” about my painting.  In the two days I surprised myself by completing two halfway decent paintings. She has a way of bringing out the best in
her students!

~ Sandra

I’ve been taking classes at The ArtsCenter for a few years. I talked my sister into taking one of Heather’s weekend intuitive painting classes. My sister hadn’t taken an art class since she was in 8th grade, and as we’re now both in our 50s, that was quite a while ago! She was a bit shy about going, so I signed up for the intuitive painting class to keep her company. She had a great time, and the following week even set up a small studio in her home, and started taking some painting classes at Jerry’s Artarama. That one weekend “seminar” really sparked something in her!
~ Laura