My creative process

All of my work is created through the process of intuitive painting. Neither the subject matter nor composition is planned. Instead, the process allows a natural evolution of the painting with each layer informing the next. 

I begin by using different techniques to apply layers of paint to the canvas from stamping bubble wrap to finger-painting. This stage is playful and experimental without any intention of creating something “pretty” or sensical. The layers create a chaotic abstract (under)painting. From this chaos, I find imagery—similar to finding images in the shapes of clouds. The composition or story emerges on the canvas. This is how my dreamscapes and creatures are born. The next stage of simplifying the chaos is more intentional. Decisions such as color, composition, and value are made to create a unified cohesive painting.

I have a deep love and passion for this process because it helps with letting go of expectations, trusting ourselves, and embracing vulnerability. It also allows the space for our creativity and artistic style to unfold organically and authentically.

Process photos of The Path Home.