Intuitive Painting Workshops

My workshops provide a non-judgmental and playful space that encourages students to find their creative voice, have fun, and see what naturally unfolds on the canvas.

The first half of the workshop is the “unlearning”. We experiment, play, and sling paint how we might imagine a child would. Layer upon layer, we create a chaotic mess on our canvas. The second half of the workshop is simplifying the chaos to create a unified cohesive painting.

This process helps with letting go of expectations, finding our inner child, and allowing our creativity and artistic style to unfold organically and authentically.

No experience is necessary, and all skill levels are welcome. These workshops are perfect for complete novices apprehensive about picking up a paintbrush for the first time to experienced artists in need of working through a creative block, loosening up, or approaching their work with a different perspective.

$50.00 – $125.oo

INTERMEDIATE Intuitive Painting
Workshop & OPEN STUDIO

AT THE ARTIST’S RESIDENCE (5 miles from downtown Pittsboro)

Saturday Workshop 11AM-4PM: $100
Sunday Open Studio 11AM-4PM: $50
Weekend Package: $125

Interested in Intermediate Intuitive Painting? I’d love to hear your needs and interests! Click the link below to answer a brief 6-question survey to help me tailor this experience for you. 



Intuitive Painting Weekend Workshop

Durham Arts Council