To become fluent in any language we must commit. We must have faith to show up in front of the canvas and come calling on realms beyond our understanding . . . trusting that it has something sweet to say.”   
     – excerpt from interview with Brian Cooper

I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are  painting with my nana in her backyard and on the roadside in the mountains with a picnic and her basket of watercolors. Aside from a few years of private lessons, I steered away from any formal art instruction until college. 

I received a degree in graphic design from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill—a practical choice for an artist. It took me a decade to find my voice and own that I’m an artist. Traveling, discovering intuitive painting, and finding inspiration and support from countless artists and others along the way helped me own this truth. Since then, my love for painting, my creative voice, and my art itself has been constantly growing and evolving.

I have a deep passion for intuitive painting and teaching this creative process to others. I believe we are all creative intuitive beings, and each of us has a story and a unique voice that matters. Intuitive painting can be a guide to that space where we find our voice and tell our story—the space that connects us with ourselves and with each other.

I live and paint in a little cottage deep in the woods of Greensboro, North Carolina with my two black cats.